Day 5: Team Events!

6:38am : The team awakens to bug bites and muggy air. Lee boils us water for oatmeal and subpar instant coffee. Dan informs us of his exposure to radiation as an Army Ranger and uses it as an excuse any time he does something dumb. 

7:30am : We leave the sight to run errands and leave Wyatt behind to do his biology quiz. 

8:24am : We arrive at the camping store and all purchase fans so that maybe we can enjoy at least one night of camping. Lee learns that the traditional Australian hats have cork hanging from them to fend off bugs. 

8:46am : Dan and I continue on our quest to find the best gas station coffee- did you know it comes in cartons here? We also met a man we believe is running from the law: *read in Australian accent* “Yeah, my house burned down up the way there and the police are thinking I did it. I’m not dealing with it so I’m driving to Adelaide, buying a catamaran, and going off the grid. By the way I have surfed all over the world and know all of the biggest surfers”.

9:25am : We are back at the track to see how well Intikallpa runs. We have lost the sole bottle of sun screen we brought and I fear Dan will be permanently discolored. Wyatt is still doing his homework. 

10:18am : Cristian has been forced into a life of translation as we find out more and more how little the Chilean team knows English. The car is running well though, and is getting closer to being ready to pass scrutineering. We have done a lot of filming today of the Chilean team, and have helped them get their electrical systems in check. 

11:30am : We have retrieved Wyatt from the campground- he is very frustrated with the terrible WiFi in Darwin. The team continues to devour pounds of Kettle chips. The flavor of the day: Sweet Chili and Sour Cream. Lee refuses to let us listen to any radio station other than the aboriginal channel, which consists of talk shows in a foreign tongue or soft chanting/moaning to drums. 

12:01pm: We have arrived at the Darwin Convention Center and are watching all of the Cruiser class vehicles (the class we will be racing in this coming summer) scrutineer. We are all fangirling. Dan is also trying to register his drone for flight in Australia. 

1:52pm : We ate a late lunch at the Wharf- Cristian had the croc sandwich. We got to see the Sea Shepherds ship docked in the port and Lee spoke with one of the workers. 

3:15pm : We arrived back at the garages to get a digeridoo tutorial. Dan said that before he bought one he had to learn how to play one at least moderately. Lee and I gave up immediately but everyone else crushed it.

4:16pm : We came back to the campground to relax and get ready for the big, all team barbecue. We want to make sure to look nice for the other teams (I want to win the hearts of Nuon). Instead of showering, Cristian and I swam with a bunch of old people at the caravan park. 

6:02pm : All the teams came together for a big party/barbecue and it was amazing meeting all of the other teams. Cristian and I were in a circle with PrISUm throwing over 6 Frisbees at once. Dan, Wyatt, and Lee were throwing football and teaching other people how to throw one, when Lee dislocated his finger while catching the ball. All in all, it was an amazing night filled with comradery and sportsmanship, and I am so excited to be a part of this solar family.