Day 4: Pre-Scrutineering

We all struggled to sleep last night because we weren’t expecting it to be so muggy in Australia.

I admit, I’ve never been one much for camping and I’m not sure what made me jump at the opportunity to camp in Australia for a week without proper equipment. I doubted myself even more this morning as I drank extremely strong, black coffee and pretended that I was happy to be awake and sweaty at 6am.

It’s not all bad though. I’ve actually been quite the fan girl as teams like Nuon or Eidenhoven pass by me and I’m too nervous to talk to any of them.

We started scrutineering today with Team Antakari. Dan, Wyatt, and Cristian helped the team reconstruct their trailer to make it suitable for solar car transport, and then we took it downtown to the Darwin Convention Center to be judged alongside all the other Challenge cars. It was a long day, but it seems with a final visit tomorrow we should be good to race. The only things holding us back were little details- but they will be taken care of before morning.

I am very excited for this race.

We will be working late tonight putting the finishing touches on the car and making sure everything’s up to standards. It’s 10pm now and I’m not sure if there’s an end in sight. We ate canned beans for dinner that were so hot I was unable to properly spice them and we ended up with more salt than beans.

Hopefully the work will exhaust enough that we can sleep soundly in our muggy tents.

We can’t go to bed until Wyatt gets back from buying wood for the teams impound box. We only realized after he had left that he was the only English speaker in the group. Hopefully he returns home to us.