Day 3: More Traveling

It seems like all I’ve ever known is this road.

I am very thankful for the company I have on this trip. Everyone keeps to themselves unless to offer a sarcastic comment or joke.

Things I’ve learned about the team so far:

Wyatt has come into his humor and speaks more confidently- he is surprisingly funny. He is also our human garbage disposal/trash can.

Lee has brought a playlist filled almost entirely with songs you’d hear at a charity event mixed with 90s Australian rap. He’s also reading a book on Alice Springs and is feeling very at home in the Outback. He also drives very fast.

Cristian sings along with me to my playlist, but brought the Tron soundtrack along as his music choice. He also put a GoPro on the front of the car that a bug almost immediately flew into, so all of our videos have a smudge along the bottom.

Dan stays busy because when he’s bored he gets silly. He tested out seatbelt retractions and then made everyone pull off at the UFO capital of Australia. He tried to make us pull off at the Pink Panther Pub but we didn’t have time- however my requests to stop at the Camel Farm were shot down completely.

We have also seen many new things since we’ve arrived down under.

·      Anthills taller than our van dressed up as people

·      Road trains with 4 trailers behind them

·      Devils Marbles (giant boulders in an open field)

·      Various shades of red dirt

·      An alien shrine that tried to pass a miniature Mike Wasowski doll off as an extraterrestrial

·      Powerline workers coming out to lift up low power lines so road trains carrying houses could make it through town

·      A cow that looked like a fake rhino

·      A group of 5 semi-strangers surviving a 30 hour car ride across a country they’ve never been to in 2.3 days