Day 4 Race Blog

Diego Lewis - July 6th, 2017

Forgive me, this one will be shorter than the rest. We are all lacking sleep; we’ve got to wake up in 4 hours.

App State started the day off very strong, tightly holding on to our first place position and continually pulling ahead until...

On turn 8 of lap 17 a tension cable broke off of our accelerator. We had to tow the car all the way around the track back to the garage. Once we got there it was a simple fix, but the failure cost us 45 minutes of extremely valuable track time. This set us back to 4th place and 3-4 laps behind the leader.

Oh yeah, and during afternoon charging we fought strong winds from carrying our array away while keeping the pouring rain out of the exposed internals of the car. It may not have been fun but not all the other teams stayed out in the rain like we did, and we did get some quality charge time between clouds, giving us a slight edge in battery charge going into tomorrow. Still, we were not able to charge nearly as much as anticipated meaning we will have to drive a bit more conservatively than before.

The good news is, nobody got to charge as much as they wanted, so it’s not as if we’re at any disadvantage, and remember we did get more charge than any other team. We were the last team standing out in the rain & thunder before the race officials almost literally dragged us back to the garage. Something tells me no matter how bad the weather got, we would still be out there. That is just how Team Sunergy rolls.

We did not let this get us down. The resiliency of Team Sunergy is astounding. As soon as the pedal was fixed our driver Sam Biagioli was back on the track making consistent gains on ETS, UC Berkeley, and Polytech Montreal. Duvey "The Streetsweeper" Rudow swapped in for Sam for the second half of the day and continued with the steady yet undeniable gains on the leaders. We are FAR from out of the running, and already back on the podium. We have plenty of time to get back where we belong.

We finished our first day of racing in 3rd place with 70 laps, only 2 laps behind the current leader, UC Berkeley. Considering the circumstances presented to us, we are very happy with these results. We're looking forward to getting back out there bright and early at 9AM tomorrow!