Day 1 Race Blog

Diego Lewis, July 3, 2017

Today was our first day of ‘scrutineering’, the extensive and lengthy process of ensuring our car is 100% compliant with all race rules and regulations. Our first two inspections were on our electrical systems and the battery protection system, which was a small disappointment. Those are generally the two most difficult categories to complete. In spite of that, we passed both with flying colors!

In fact, we were hoping to at least get halfway through the process today and we ended up with an unprecedented 7 out of 9 categories completed! This puts us in the lead as far as inspections go, and the starting lineup is decided based on the order in which teams complete scrutineering! We are extremely pleased with the rate at which we are getting through inspections. The only categories remaining are body & sizing, and the solar array.


Apart from scrutineering, we had a great time meeting all of the other teams, talking to the race organizers, and in general enjoying the buzzing atmosphere of a solar race on a Formula 1 track! It’s truly an amazing experience to get to work in the same garages real F1 teams regularly work in and see the world-class facilities from the perspective of a competitor. 

At the end of the day we hosted an ‘ask me anything’ thread on reddit, where we gathered representatives from other teams and answered all kinds of questions from people all around the world. If you have any you’d like to add, we will still be answering as we can throughout the week! Link:

We have also taken over the App State official Instagram - @appstate - for the week, so check us out there! Our Facebook is also continually being updated with pictures and videos of what the team is up to!

Overall we are very happy with our performance today and we are confident in our ability to continue performing at this level going into tomorrow. Speaking of which, tomorrow we’ll be serenaded by the one and only Willie Nelson who’ll be performing a 4th of July concert at the Circuit of The Americas amphitheater, so we have that to look forward to. Let’s keep this hot streak going, and LET’S GO APPS!